Praise the Pallof Press- Kasey Esser

Praise the Pallof Press

As a fitness professional, when someone asks,   “What is the BEST exercise for XYZ?”   …we only have so much room in our heads for an answer.   While there are countless exercises out there that work differently for each individual, and therefore pose numerous answers for the above question…there are only a few exercises that I can safely recommend for just about anyone.   And one of those special few is the PALLOF PRESS.   The Pallof Press isn’t a brand-spankin’ new exercise.  It’s been around for several years, but it has proven itself time...

Squats Hurt Your Knees?- Kasey Esser

Squats Hurt Your Knees?

It’s tough for me to truly believe someone when they say they don’t do squats because it hurts their knees.  Sure, I believe your knees hurt, but I don't believe you are doing squats properly. It’s similar to when someone boasts to me that they benched 500 or ran a 4.2 40 in high school, as if to make-up for the fact that they do not look like they do a whole lot of nothing currently . Really.  Did you? Yeah, and I just decided to forego steak for tofu...

Fix Your Stiff Back- Kasey Esser

Fix Your Stiff Back

After moving to California, getting established, and getting my website off the ground, it's about time for me to get out and write some more!   STACK is a great training resource and I began contributing to them last spring.  I got an article published on Friday that talks about an issue that is commonly mishandled among general trainees and athletes alike;   Low-back stiffness   It feels so great to drop back and stretch that sucker out doesn't it? Well, it may not be doing your back a lot of good.   Check out my...