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Squats Hurt Your Knees?- Kasey Esser

Squats Hurt Your Knees?

It’s tough for me to truly believe someone when they say they don’t do squats because it hurts their knees.  Sure, I believe your knees hurt, but I don’t believe you are doing squats properly.

It’s similar to when someone boasts to me that they benched 500 or ran a 4.2 40 in high school, as if to make-up for the fact that they do not look like they do a whole lot of nothing currently .

Really.  Did you?

Yeah, and I just decided to forego steak for tofu for the rest of my life.

Now, if their form is spot-on and they actually have some underlying knee issues going on, so be it, but…this isn’t often the case.

Typically, the form could use a few adjustments, along with mobilizing a couple key areas.  Luckily, by making those adjustments, you can get on the road to squatting pain-free.

In my latest contribution to, I delve into what these form tweaks are, as well as 2 drills that you can incorporate in your workouts to make yourself a squatting machine!

For whatever reason, the videos weren’t compatible with the article when it went live, so I posted both of them below.  Sorry about that.



3 Ways to Eliminate Knee Pain During Squats

Videos for Article;

Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Reach


Toes-Up Hip Hinge


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  • I want to lose weight, your video I can not, my legs feel hurt. Muscle strain!