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Praise the Pallof Press- Kasey Esser

Praise the Pallof Press

As a fitness professional, when someone asks,


“What is the BEST exercise for XYZ?”


…we only have so much room in our heads for an answer.


While there are countless exercises out there that work differently for each individual, and therefore pose numerous answers for the above question…there are only a few exercises that I can safely recommend for just about anyone.


And one of those special few is the PALLOF PRESS.


The Pallof Press isn’t a brand-spankin’ new exercise.  It’s been around for several years, but it has proven itself time and again as an extremely effective way to train the core’s “anti-rotation” function, which basically means one’s ability to resist rotation.


And with that, I’m going to leave you hot and bothered and make you click on the link below to check out my latest article for STACK.


I don’t want to spoil all the fun!




Dominate All Life,

Kasey, CSCS


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