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  • “ In February 2014, I had my shoulder surgically repaired from an injury I sustained a few years prior (schooling and career impeded me from having done this sooner).  My goal from the date I scheduled my surgery was to not only get the range-of-motion back that had been lost, but also get myself back into shape in a manner that would work my entire body.  Starting in August 2014, Kasey set-up an online training regimen that was specific to my own personal goals.  Since starting with Kasey, the strength in my shoulder/range-of-motion has surpassed all of my expectations...and as an added bonus my wife is a huge fan of the weight-loss/added muscle!  I can't wait to see what Kasey has in store for me in 2015! ” - David Scott
  • “ After a year of struggling with my health, I gave Kasey a call and he has helped me regain my motivation and energy.  My mother and I train together and he sets up workouts suited for our individual needs.  He also has a tremendous understanding on a healthy diet regime.  He helped us identify all the food in our kitchen and make steady adjustments.  Kasey is the kindest, as well, and always arrives with positive energy, which stays with us throughout the day.  Purely amazing trainer! ” - Anya Molyviatis
  • “ I feel stronger, more powerful and flexible than I have ever felt before, which is pretty good for being in my 50s.  If you want a trainer who truly cares about you and who will challenge and motivate you to get RESULTS, Kasey is your man! ” - S. B.
  • “ I have spent my entire life not working out and not eating great, but I was able to maintain a weight I felt comfortable with.  I’ve tried working out a few times and always ended up hurting myself and quitting.  My husband started training with Kasey and I saw a MASSIVE transformation in a VERY short period of time, so I thought I would give Kasey a try.  I am a 31-year-old, working mom of 2 small kids, and I don’t have a ton of free time.  I was not committed at the onset, and I was definitely not intending to change in my diet.  But whatever Kasey did and said motivated me, both with my workouts and diet.  With his help, I dropped 7 pounds in a month and changed the look of my whole body.  I’m impressed that he has kept me dedicated to my new health program, and he is a fun, amazingly smart person.  I can’t believe I actually look forward to working out now.  Thank you, Kasey! ” - Betsy Miller
  • “ I had been working out for years on my own and thought I knew everything about diet and exercise.  I decided to give Kasey a try and he has completely changed my physique and my whole outlook on what is necessary to achieve the body that I want. Kasey is extremely knowledgable about strength training, cardio, and diet.  I have only been training with him for a few months and I have already seen massive changes in the way I look.  Kasey also goes out of his way to spend the extra time necessary to help me achieve my goals.  I am thrilled with my decision to train with him and I encourage everyone to try him out! ” - J. M.
  • “ As a dancer, I have to move and be strong for a living.  I came to Kasey to help strengthen my body and help gain stability for an old lower back injury.  It was incredibly humbling to strengthen my weaknesses, but Kasey made those difficult moments fun, and I feel stronger and safer in rehearsals each day.  I know the work I have done with Kasey has made me a stronger version of myself and a better dancer. Changing lives! ” - J. F.
  • “ I know that anyone who trains with Kasey will get his very best effort and the very best results! ” - Becky Cobb, owner of Personally Fit and one of Dayton, Ohio’s leading fitness authorities
  • “ The changes in my physical appearance were quite impressive, and that boosted my confidence enormously.  I really learned about how to workout safely and how to make my overall lifestyle healthier.  Kasey provided me with motivation to stay in shape and designed a program that I have successfully continued on my own both comfortably and effectively.  Kasey changed the way that I viewed myself and the way I viewed working out in a positive way that has changed my life. ” - Anne-Marie Schulz
  • “ After finding out I had some serious back issues, I had a choice of either having surgery or getting back into shape.  The various minor injuries I had incurred when I was younger were finally starting to catch up to me.  Kasey’s knowledge and motivational skills provided me the expertise from a trainer that I needed.  He focused on rebuilding my core until I was at the point where I could do the activities I used to enjoy.  Kasey’s personality and enthusiasm provided the support I needed to tackle this difficult journey.  He designed and planned my training to continue to build on successes and gave me ideas for exercises I should be doing at home to keep the momentum going.  I would highly recommend Kasey as your personal trainer. ” - Gary Pascoe
  • “ Specifically, my shoulder tightness is no more and my overall fitness, leg strength, and balance are much improved.  Kasey maneuvered through all the muscle cramps and occasional tightness and now my entire body feels open, stronger, and free. Thanks Kasey! ” - R. T.
  • “ I hired Kasey to help my daughter get into shape.  Not only did she gain endurance, she’s gained the confidence that she lacked.  She really liked his empowering and personal style.  He provided her with a well-rounded, in-depth diet and exercise approach.  My daughter looked forward to training with Kasey every week.  I highly recommend his services!  Kasey changed my daughter’s life for the better! - Jane Schulz
  • “ A personal trainer who is an intellect, Kasey is extremely strong in knowing how all the body parts work together.  Sometimes you might think he has a medical degree! Kasey is able to provide technical advice, while at the same time motivating you to go further than you had hoped.  You will never be bored with Kasey’s training programs as he is continually changing them up to maximize your results. If you have an injury, with fear of starting a training program, Kasey has the unique ability to give you confidence to get you past your fears.  I guarantee you will enjoy working with Kasey, as he will help you meet all of your fitness goals! ” - Marc Friedman
  • “ Kasey is an incredibly knowledgable and motivated trainer.  From diet and meal plans, to routine and technique, he knows how to instill good habits, while not ever being overbearing. He keeps the workouts fun, while always challenging.  When I started working with Kasey, I was battling severe foot and back pain and he built a custom program for me that allowed me several months of hard training without any flare ups or issues.  I am now strong enough in those areas to include them in our strength training. Thanks Kasey. ” - Brian F.
  • “ I loved working with Kasey.  He took time to understand my exercise needs and developed an individualized plan to help me continue to workout and rehab from a shoulder injury.  I highly recommend Kasey as a trainer! - Amy Gannt
  • “ I have been following an online fitness plan designed by Kasey that is specifically tailored to my wants and needs.  My beginning weight was 185lbs. and within a few short months I was down to 165!  I haven’t been this weight in years.  I also used to have problems with pain in my back and hips, now the only problem I have is that my clothes don’t fit right anymore! - Brad Duncan
  • “ I have seen Kasey’s hard work and enthusiasm drive both clients and colleagues to better themselves.  I truly believe the sky is the limit for him and I can’t wait to see where his efforts take him. ” - Shane England, RKC and a top trainer in Dallas, Texas