As far as personal training, I can help you in 2 different ways.


In-Home Personal Training

(if you are in the Los Angeles area)


Online Distance Coaching

(if you are…well, not in Beverly Hills)



In-Home Personal Training


When I first went to a gym, I was scared out of my mind.


What’s that piece of equipment over there?


Is that guy judging the amount of weight I’m lifting?


One of my clients calls it “Gymtimidation”.  It’s a real thing.


Even if you aren’t necessarily afraid of the gym scene, you just don’t want to mess with the hassle of getting to a gym, parking, waiting for equipment, and dealing with potentially strange people.


You want to take a shower afterwards in your own bathroom, not one that’s been used by a hundred people throughout the day.


You want PRIVACY.


And you can have it, along with the motivation of a well-qualified trainer…ME!


I come to YOU.  You don’t need any equipment or even that much space.


I bring the toys and the innovation.  You bring your body.


But you get much more than a basic training service with me.  You get an experience.



Here’s How It Works


Step 1:

You stumble upon this site when searching for the best personal trainers in Los Angeles (you need to get results!).  You are blown away by my qualifications and feel compelled to contact me.


Step 2:  You schedule your FREE initial assessment with me.


Step 3:  I roll out to your place and conduct your comprehensive assessment


The assessment will include a very thorough questionnaire (done with me face-to-face, not on a piece of paper, so I can get to know you and the goals you want to achieve), posture evaluation, and a Functional Movement Screen to see how your unique body moves and what muscle imbalances you possess.


All of this information will help me design you a customized, effective, and most importantly, safe, exercise program that gets you where you want to be.


I offer this service at absolutely no cost, because I think it’s fair that you get to meet me in-person, see what I’m all about and what I can do for you, and make an informed decision.


Step 4:  You decide I’m the guy and hire me to take you to your goals!


Step 5:  We decide on an optimal training schedule that fits your lifestyle and we begin training away.  You get awesome results, and have a great time doing it!


Contact me directly for pricing.



I’ve helped hundreds of people take the leap and make changes they did not think was possible.

Head on over to the testimonials page to check out the stories of people who have gotten great results with my training methods.


Contact me HERE to find out more about what I can do for you as your in-home personal trainer.



Online Distance Coaching


Esser, Inc. started purely as an online personal training company.  It has since grown, but I still provide online training.


You will receive a full-on E-sessment (my online assessment tool), and that will form the foundation of the monthly programs you will get delivered straight to your inbox.


Unlike a lot of other online trainers, I actually train real people, every day, and get them great results.

Your program will be far from cookie-cutter…in fact, it will be as individualized as a program can be without me being able to assess you in-person.


Aside from a program built just for you each month, you will get unlimited access to my private online coaching email, along with a monthly phone call (if you want) to talk about any questions you have and/or challenges you’re facing.


Contact me HERE to find out more about what I can do for you as your online personal trainer.


Even if you don’t actually work with me, I hope that my blog can be a great resource for you to improve your training programs and dominate your life.  It will be my mission to provide as much quality information as I can, while getting you to laugh a time or two…or more if I am really on my game.


Feel free to email me at or use the contact form HERE to reach out anytime.


Take the Leap,

Kasey, CSCS