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Client Spotlight: Ted Rifkin- Kasey Esser

Client Spotlight: Ted Rifkin

As I have re-iterated in the last few client spotlights, online training is not for the faint of heart.

You have to be driven to achieve and have a certain sense of self-accountability.


I guess that’s why for this client spotlight series, I have featured ALL distance coaching clients.  I didn’t plan it that way, that’s just how it fell.  These peeps are beast.


I still love you in-person clients!!!


Your time is coming.


But for today, I want to feature Ted Rifkin, the husband of an online client I featured a few weeks back (Nikki Rifkin).


Client Spotlight: Ted Rifkin- Kasey Esser


As with Nikki, I met Ted through an in-home client of mine (Ted and Nikki’s aunt).

Ted had actually already made some great progress on his own by improving his diet and hitting the treadmill.  But he admitted that he hadn’t really done much strength-training.


Whenever I hear that, I get EXTREMELY excited, kind of like this;


I get that pumped because the greatest gains in one’s training life is at the beginning.

So I knew that by getting him on a structured strength program, his gainz were going to be sick.


And that they were.


Ted pretty much looks entirely different from how he used to look back in 2014.  The guy just keeps dropping pounds and inches!  I don’t think he has really plateaued yet.

 Client Spotlight: Ted Rifkin- Kasey Esser

I’ll let Ted tell you a little about his story and how he has made the drastic changes he has…


What was your previous exposure with exercise like?


I had exercised in the past, but never on a consistent basis.  I would try to get going but never could sustain a regular routine.


How would you say you felt about your body and life before you started training?


I felt like I needed a change.  I knew that I could look and feel better by training, but it seemed too hard to achieve.


Over the course of the program, what would you say were the biggest benefits you received?


I definitely noticed a difference in my overall strength, not only in my exercise routine, but also in my daily life.  Lifting heavy things around the house and other miscellaneous work seems easier now and less exhausting!


Nutritionally, what would you say had the biggest influence on your success?


I think embracing water as a way of life has made the biggest impact ON my life.  I have felt more refreshed and fuller, while burning calories at a quick rate.  It has been the backbone of my success.


Online training is tough for a lot of people because the trainer/coach is not there in-person to provide accountability.  How did you stick with the program when times got busy/stressful?


I had never done any type of online training, so at first, I was skeptical.  However, once I made routines that centered around my free time it became much easier.  I also tried not to obsess over every single detail of the program and just do as much as I was able.


Numerically, at what weight did you start at and what dress/paint size versus now?


When I started the program, I was at 223 pounds with a 40-inch waist.

I am now 170 pounds and a size 34 and I pretty much feel like a different person.


What would you say to someone who is skeptical of online training?


I would say it’s possible for anyone to achieve success with online training and to mold their own version of the program that works best with their schedules.  The point is to make it fun and not a burden!


What is the next step for you and your goals?


I hope to put on lean muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle both nutritionally and physically!  And also keeping up with the water, of course!




I like what Ted said about always making sure the program is fun and not just something you “have” to do.  If training feels like a job, a mundane one no less, then you probably won’t stick with it over the long-haul.


So whatever you are doing to get/stay fit, make sure you enjoy doing it!


Ted is a testament to making a program work for what HE can do, not what the program says is ideal.  You will never be perfect, so don’t beat yourself up about it.


Fantastic work Ted!  Looking forward to what the rest of 2015 has in-store!


Dominate All Life,

Kasey, CSCS


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