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  • Welcome!

    Hey there,


    I’m happy you have stumbled across my site.


    I want to start off by welcoming you and thanking you for visiting.  I’m very excited about this site and how it can help you.


    To give …

  • 20 Random Things You May Like to Know About Me



    That is my main personal goal with this website.

    I want you to know who I am, backwards and forwards, so that you feel completely comfortable when you read my blog or become a coaching client.

    So without …

  • 1 Move for Less Fat and a Better Butt

    I’m not into crazy, fancy movements that look “innovative”.


    I am into movements that get results.


    When it comes to developing a better backside, the deadlift has no equal.


    When I say deadlift, I am referring to …