Client Spotlight: Ted Rifkin- Kasey Esser

Client Spotlight: Ted Rifkin

As I have re-iterated in the last few client spotlights, online training is not for the faint of heart. You have to be driven to achieve and have a certain sense of self-accountability.   I guess that’s why for this client spotlight series, I have featured ALL distance coaching clients.  I didn’t plan it that way, that’s just how it fell.  These peeps are beast.   I still love you in-person clients!!!   Your time is coming.   But for today, I want to feature Ted Rifkin, the husband of an online client I featured a...

Client Spotlight: Gabrielle Leah Wright- Kasey Esser

Client Spotlight: Gabrielle Leah Wright

A lot of people talk about wanting to compete in a bikini, figure, or bodybuilding contest. But there are very few who actually commit to the process.   After all, it’s freaking hard.   It takes a special breed to WANT to put yourself through what it takes to get contest-ready.  It’s all glitz and glam on stage, but not many understand the amount of discipline and sacrifice that goes on for months prior to get to that moment the public gets to see.   I remember when I competed and thinking that being...

Client Spotlight: David Scott

Client Spotlight: David Scott

Last week, I started up with a “Client Spotlight” series, where each week I will feature at least one amazeballs client of mine who has just dominated their training and gone above and beyond.   They are an inspiration to me, so I want to give them some public recognition and hopefully inspire a few of you out there!   Today, I want to shine the light on my man, David Scott.  David is an online client and we met through my brother-in-law (he lives in Ohio).  As you can see...