Southern Indiana Muscle Recap: Gabrielle Leah Wright- Kasey Esser

Southern Indiana Muscle Recap: Gabrielle Leah Wright

For those that have no idea what that title meant, go back and read the first post that introduced distance-coaching client Gabrielle HERE.   As the first post explained, Gab was prepping for the Southern Indiana Muscle’s bikini division.   Well, she prepped…and she KILLED IT, placing 3rd in her very first show!!   To anyone who has stepped on stage, that is NOT an easy thing to do.     I tried to put in her head that she if she was getting on stage, she was getting on stage to WIN, and not just...

Freakin' Awesome Exercise of the Day: Ape Stretch- Kasey Esser

Freakin’ Awesome Exercise of the Day: The Ape

I think I have mentioned this on the blog before, but my squat blows.   Well, at least, it used to.     I don’t know what it is, but I always had a rock-solid hip hinge.  And I guess that took up all of my movement talent reserves because when I went to squat, it was like someone was pushing UP on me and preventing me from hitting depth.   I remember a coach I used to work with taking me through some DNS squat patterning and I about blew a lung and...

3 Cues to Look Better Naked- Kasey Esser

3 Cues to Help You Look Better Naked

You find as a coach that you end up repeating yourself…a lot.   And that’s not because your clients/students don’t listen. “Suzie, I’m going to put you in timeout if you throw that dumbbell again…Suzie put that down now!”   It’s just that there are a few really, REALLY important things that need to be reinforced nearly every session.   This is part of the value of having a coach in the first place.  It’s tough to remember all the little details when performing certain movements and a good coach ensures that nothing is...