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  • Randy Taseff 2

    Specifically, my shoulder tightness is no more and my overall fitness, leg strength, and balance are much improved.  Kasey maneuvered through all the muscle cramps and occasional tightness and now my entire body feels open, stronger, and free.

    Thanks Kasey!”…

  • Shane England

    I have seen Kasey’s hard work and enthusiasm drive both clients and colleagues to better themselves.  I truly believe the sky is the limit for him and I can’t wait to see where his efforts take him.”…

  • Brad Duncan

    I have been following an online fitness plan designed by Kasey that is specifically tailored to my wants and needs.  My beginning weight was 185lbs. and within a few short months I was down to 165!  I haven’t been this …

  • Amy Gannt

    I loved working with Kasey.  He took time to understand my exercise needs and developed an individualized plan to help me continue to workout and rehab from a shoulder injury.  I highly recommend Kasey as a trainer!“…